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The Brownlee Memorial Lecture Series
     Prof. William H. Brownlee was appointed to The Claremont Graduate School in 1959—the first professor of the CGS Religion Department.  The endowment was established in his memory after his death in 1983 for scholars to be invited to give a lecture in the field of Old Testament Studies and the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Ever since, the endowment has received generous gifts from Mrs. Brownlee who has faithfully attended the annual Brownlee memorial Lectures as well as other Institute events from time to time along with her children—three of whom live in Southern California.
     Shortly before her death in 1994, Mrs. Brownlee had donated $30,000 to the already existing Wm. H. Brownlee Memorial Endowment at the Institute for Antiquity and Christianity at The Claremont Graduate School.  This generous gift will largely increase the existing endowment as well as provide funds for purposes beyond the annual Brownlee Lecture.  Thus in the near future the income of the endowment will be used to sponsor an assistantship for a graduate student in religion and to host a scholar for a semester in order to do research in the field of religion in Claremont on an alternative basis, in addition to the annual lecture that will continue to be given in the spring of each year.
     In her letter to the Graduate School the restrictions of the endowment’s purposes are stated as follows:  1) To fund the annual William H. and Sarah Louise Brownlee Memorial Lecture; 2) to fund a Brownlee Postdoctoral fellowship which would support a scholar-in-residence for one semester residency at the Institute for Antiquity and Christianity in the area of religious or biblical studies; 3) to fund a Brownlee Student Research Assistantship which would be awarded to student(s) in religious or biblical studies for an amount up to one-half of the current year annual tuition.  The endowment will now be named The William H. and Sarah Louise Brownlee Endowment of the CGS.
     --IAC Bulletin Vol. 21, no. 3 (September 1994): 4-5.
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