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Sponsor a Graduate Student Research Assistant for 1 term: $1000

Graduate students work closely with IAC project directors, performing research, writing, and editorial responsibilities in addition to a number of specialized tasks particular to each project. The IAC research assistantships provide essential training for the next generation of scholars and intellectuals.


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Sponsor an IAC Lecture: $500

donor invited to a pre-lecture dinner with speaker and recognized at lecture

The IAC lecture series features many of the top scholars in their fields, and is always presented free and open to the public. We would like to continue making the latest research available to the intellectual community. Your gift would help defray many of the expenses incurred in hosting our lecturers.

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Preserve and Digitize Archives:

$100 for 10 items

The IAC is home to the most complete set of images of the Nag Hammadi codices. It is an invaluable resource to the international academic community, particularly as the original papyri have continued to deteriorate. By photographic standards, the negatives are beginning to age. Steps need to be taken to conserve, archive and digitize the collection to ensure its existence in perpetuity. 

The IAC also has a small collection of archives associated with its past projects. The Institute plans to digitize most of the materials and offer them free online. Our desire is that interested people would be able to access items like the original excavation notes and plans from Nag Hammadi online.


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Catalogue One Library Book: $25

The IAC features a reading room that provides unique intellectual space and resources to the local academic community and visitors. We have a number of donated volumes that have not been added to the collection because of the prohibitive costs of cataloging. Your generosity will help to move these volumes into the library for use as well as purchase new materials to support scholarly activity.

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Digitize Museum Artifacts: 10 items for $100

At one time the IAC maintained aspirations of hosting a museum for its small collection of artifacts. This vision never materialized, so the collection remains largely out of sight. We hope to digitize the artifacts and make them available online through as a sort of virtual museum.


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