IAC Membership

The IAC invites interested persons to join in the activities of the Institute by enrolling as members of the Society for Antiquity and Christianity. For a modest contribution, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of membership and have the satisfaction of supporting significant research into our cultural past. The benefits of membership include: 


Subscription to the semi-annual Bulletin 
New Occasional Papers

Information about the IAC Lecture Series, conferences and other events
Access to the IAC's research library

There are three different levels of membership available: 

  • Regular Membership: $50. Members receive the Bulletin and announcements of lectures and special events.
  • Challenge Club Membership: $150. Members receive the Bulletin, announcements, and up to five free tapes from the year's lectures upon request.
  • Patron's Circle Membership: $500. Members receive all of the above plus dinner with a lecturer.

Membership in the Society for Antiquity and Christianity may be obtained at any time by:

1. Sending your name, address, phone number, e-mail and a check to:

Institute for Antiquity and Christianity 
831 N. Dartmouth Ave. 
Claremont, CA  91711 

2. Calling the IAC at 909.621.8066 for more information

3. Sending an email to iac@cgu.edu