Because of the work of James Robinson and the team of scholars he assembled some 30 years ago to translate the Nag Hammadi codices (often referred to as the Gnostic Gospels), the IAC owns numerous images of the codices themselves (including images of every page), the location of their discovery (cliffs at Jabal al-Tarif), the discoverer (Muhammed Ali), and the scholars involved in that first round of translation. (The codices themselves are in the Coptic Museum in Cairo, Egypt; however, IAC images were made when the codices were in better condition than they now exist.)


The IAC licenses these images for use by scholars, news magazines, production companies, publishers, and networks.  If you are interested in using one or more of the Nag Hammadi images please click for pricing information and purchase options


If you wish a sample of low-res images to help you decide what you need, please let us know that as well.


Please note that any LEGITIMATE use of these images includes credit to the Institute.  Websites (and books or films) that display these images without credit (and some without contact info) do so without an IAC contract to use the images. 


For more info, please contact the IAC by e-mail or at 909.621.8066