This project explores methodology for study of women in the Hebrew Bible. It consists of an initial study, projected to last no longer than three years, serving as a “test case” for the larger project. However, at the conclusion of the initial study an assessment will be made concerning its continuation or termination. If the project continues, the structure and focus of the second stage will be formulated at that time. 

This initial study focuses on the notion of “Women’s Agency” which refers to the capacity of the female “character” in the text to act on her own initiative. This capacity to act may come in the form of an capacity to initiate processes to which others must respond; or it may come in the form of a capacity to respond with varying degrees of independence to circumstances, thereby altering her world and the world of others. This initial study will carry out an assessment of approaches already taken in the field and will develop new methodologies for solving the special problems and answering the salient questions pertaining to “Woman’s Agency.”