The project on Models of Piety in Late Antiquity brings together a group of more than one dozen scholars who are interested in religious behavior and self definition among Christians, Jews and pagans in the late ancient Mediterranean. Participants have specific interests in topics such as authority and piety, asceticism, pilgrimage, biography and hagiography, performative piety and the senses, "popular" and "elite" pieties, gender and the construction of normative and deviant or "orthodox" and "heretical" religious behavior. 

The purpose of the project is to provide a regular opportunity for collaborative research and sharing of ideas across research specializations in late antiquity. Meeting together once each year, participating scholars examine and discuss texts that represent ancient piety and religious behavior through narrative, instruction, and hagiography. The ongoing work of the project, now it its fifth year, has resulted in a special session of papers during the American Academy of Religion annual meeting. Long-term goals include a conference in Claremont and a volume of essays. 

Dr. Teresa M. Shaw is Associate Provost for Claremont Graduate University.