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Ernie Tune
Dr. Ernie Tune

  • BA, UC Berkeley
  • BD, San Francisco Theological Seminary
  • ThD, Claremont School of Theology

  • served in US Navy, WWII
  • ordained Presbyterian pastor
  • lectured in NT Greek, CST
  • former Library Director, CST
  • compiled Kiowa Indian language grammar
  • taught Coptic and Old Nubian
  • helped translate Nag Hammadi texts
  • worked for offshore oil drilling consortium
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    A man of many interests, Ernest W. Tune has spent a lifetime building the research library of texts known as the Tune Collection.  Given to the Institute for Antiquity and Christianity and now housed at the Claremont School of Theology Library, the voluminous Tune Collection contains materials covering the languages, literatures, history and archaeology of the Nile Valley cultures from the early Hellenistic period through the early medieval period of Nubian and Coptic Christianity.

    Former director of the CST Library and currently an Advisory Board Member and Bibliographer of the IAC, Ernie Tune has compiled a research library that is one of the finest small collections in the region.  In addition to major primary sources (e.g., editions of papyri collections, facsimiles of major biblical codices of antiquity), the collection also includes major secondary sources.  The scholarly communities of Claremont are proud to celebrate the gift of this library and count it as one of the jewels in our crown. Ernie Tune and a Guide on Motorcycle

    Ernie and a Guide on Motorcycle in Dura Europos


    Ernie's dissertation was this text co-authored with CST President "Pomp" Colwell.

    Ernie and Gudrun F. Tune on Nemrud Dagi (7083 ft) in SE Turkey.  West Terrace of Colossal Gods with heads of Antiochus I and the Goddess Tyche-Commagene.  Kingdom of Commagene, 100BC-100AD